Road Cycling: A Sport of Versatility

Nicole Clermont Road Cycling
MILTON, ON, AUGUST 11, 2015. Cycling at the Velodrome. Canadian Nicole Clermont (C-5W). Photo: Dan Galbraith/Canadian Paralympic Committee

Road cycling is a very versatile sport. It consists of recreational, racing and utility cycling. Road cycling is a sport most commonly performed on bicycles. Many different types of bicycles are used. These include: BMX, recumbent, racing, touring and utility bicycles.

TORONTO, ON, AUGUST 8, 2015. Nicole Clermont of Canada wins a bronze medal in Women's Road Race (C1-5) at the ParaPan Am Games. Photo: Dan Galbraith/Canadian Paralympic Committee

One of Canada’s top road cyclists is Nicole Clermont. She was a cycling club member and then she decided to test her skills in competition. The sport of cycling has always been important to her. Her dad was a cycling aficionado and she got her first bike when she was four. Nicole says her biggest inspirations include her coach Sebastien Travers, as well as her teammates. She says her teammates “continue to overcome challenges to surpass themselves each day”.

If that isn’t inspirational enough, Nicole is a 54-year-old principal from Sherbrooke, Quebec. In the 2015 Parapan Am Games, Nicole competed in both Road Cycling and Track Cycling. Her races were well contended. She won bronze in the Women’s Road Race.

Photo: Dan Galbraith/Canadian Paralympic Committee
Photo: Dan Galbraith/Canadian Paralympic Committee

When she was asked about her strategy, here is what she said:

“You never give up, you keep pushing hard then pulling on those pedals.  Even in life in general never give up.”

When she was asked on advice she would give young athletes, she said:

“If you have a passion do it, keep working hard with a big smile on your face. There are challenges for everyone, if you have a disability just go for what you want in life.”

“I’m an elementary school principal and I have lots of students who have disabilities and I tell them be proud of what you do even if it’s not as much as the kids who aren’t disabled keep your head up and be proud of yourself.”

“I’m so proud to be on the podium and to be representing Canada. I have lots of emotion. You always dream when you watch the Olympics that you will be there yourself, at my age to be doing this is incredible. There is a reason for everything and to have a disability is maybe my reason; I’m a fighter, enjoying life, if I can be a model of perseverance to young people that’s great

Nicole has shown us that it is never too late to fulfill your dreams or take on new challenges. Congratulations Nicole!

MILTON, ON, AUGUST 11, 2015. Cycling at the Velodrome. Canadian Nicole Clermont (C-5W). Photo: Dan Galbraith/Canadian Paralympic Committee

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