Pan Am Venue 101: Planet Bowl

Planet Bowl


Planet Bowl is a place for everyone to go and have fun. Not only do they have bowling, which is their primary attraction, they also have an arcade and other games as well. I recently went there to see what their facility has to offer.

When I first went up to the building I did not think they had an automatic button. I thought I would have to struggle with the door to get it. However there is a button after all. It’s not very big so it’s difficult to see. Once I found it, there was no issue getting in.

Once I entered, I went up to the counter and spoke to a woman who worked there and told her I wanted to bowl. Without assuming, she asked if I wanted to use the bowling ramp as well as the bumpers along the alley. I appreciated the fact she didn’t assume I wanted them and asked first.


There was a nice ramp to go down to where the bowling alleys were. It wasn’t too steep so you could go at a pace that was right for you. Once I went down that ramp, I went down to the lane that I was assigned. For able-bodied bowlers, they have to go up a step to go right up to their lane. For wheelchair users, there is a little wooden ramp to go out. I found it a little difficult because it was quite steep and it moved a little which made me nervous. I would also caution people who have wider wheelchairs because it might be more difficult, if not impossible for them to go up.


If someone in a wheelchair goes by themselves like I did they might have difficulty because the bowling ball sometimes rolls out of reach on the stand and you have to stretch to get it.

Other than those two minor glitches I had a great time!


Unfortunately there won’t be any Para Pan Am events here, however Planet Bowl will be hosting Pan Am events here!

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