Mustangs look to foil Bulldogs playoff hopes

TPWHL Mustangs vs Bulldogs

11068779_10155410093610121_1840266430_nMarch 14, 2015 – Mustangs vs. Bulldogs (Boxscore)

With the Mustangs out of the playoff run they took to the floor against the Bulldogs hoping to spoil their chances at a playoff spot.

Mike Iacovone would open the scoring in the first period with his first goal of the game with Roberto’s first of three assists of the game.  Nicole Neeson would follow suit a few minutes later with a goal of her own assisted by Roberto.

The second period went back and forth with both teams trading shots that were all close but none hit the mark.

It continued like this until the 7:20 mark of the third period when Roberto was finally able to get past the amazing goaltending skills of Mohit Sharma. Mike would add to the lead with his second goal of the game. Brad Gordon stood on his head for the Mustangs earning his first shutout of the season. This one goes to the Mustangs who beat the Bulldogs by a score of 4 – 0. Some say that the Mustangs played their best game of the season.  Which could very well be true.

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