Lake Raiders VS. Mustangs

TPWHL action shot

October 19th 1:30 – 2:30pm Saw the 2013-14 season opener between the TPWHL Lake Raiders and Mustangs. First period action saw the Mustangs open the scoring with a Kirk Ashman bullet to the top corner, followed by Erin Vassilakos jumping on a loose ball and drawing even for the Lake Raiders. The second period saw the Lake Raiders take a 3-1 lead on a couple goals from Jeremy Schofield,  the Mustangs responded with a another from Kirk Ashman and Jeremy Schofield netted another for a 4-2 lead into the third. In the third frame the Lake Raiders had a lone goal from Jeremy Schofield for a 5-2 final.

Outstanding work by all especially… Kirk Ashman, Mitchell Stark, Mike Iacovone, Jeremy Schofield, Erin Vassilakos and Brendon Myrie.

Neil Mercer
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Neil Mercer is a Graphic Designer who works on a freelance basis, some notable projects have been for Tobias House Attendant Care inc., AYAAA a Youth Aids organization in Africa and Spectra Talent Showcase. Alongside his artistic talents Neil keeps active as a Board member of both Tobias House Attendant Care Inc. and Spectra Talent Showcase. He is also a successful event organizer with projects such as DreamsAway, Tobias House Attendant Care Inc. and the Sean Ross Memorial Summer Classic, now in its fourth year. In what spare time he has, Neil is an Goaltender in the Toronto Power Wheelchair Hockey League, an occasional public speaker as well a founding member of Equal Grounds. His interests are Music, Art,  Film, Food, and Travel.


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