Fit Friday with Julie: Full Chair Yoga Class

chair yoga

My computer is still being fixed, so I will guide you through a chair yoga session!


  • Relaxation
    • Eyes closed, deep breathing 3mins
  • Warm-up
    • neck stretches, turn head right, centre, left, centre, looking over shoulder each side, 3times each side
    • big side stretches- right & left 3times each side
    • waist/hip circles (if needed for balance place hands on waist) 3times each way
    • leg on thigh stretch, pushing knee down, flexing foot up- left & right 3 times each side
    • kicking legs forward- stretch out knee 3 times each side
    • roll ankles each side first left then right, twice one way, twice other way
  • Body of class (repeat each exercise 2-3 times)
    • hold arms straight out in front of you, palms facing out flex hand down & up
    • lock fingers together, hold at chest height, resist & try to pull apart
    • take hands face them out, then open to just below height of shoulders
    • stretch each hand back, palm facing out
    • make fists press together to just below height of shoulders, widen arms out to side
    • make circles with arms, start down, rotate up, go one way then the other
    • use 3-5lb weights or pretend you have weights, side arm raises- bring arm straight down by side & then raise up to shoulder height
    • propeller- place fist together, bend elbows & do a propelling motion
    • circle upper body with arms up high to right then left
      spinal twist with outstretched arms
    • push thighs up but force away with hands
    • clap under legs, while stretching legs out
    • flex feet down then up
  • End relaxation- eyes closed, breathe deep & slow let thoughts go
Julie Z
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Fitness and all-around good health is very, VERY important to me and along with my regular fitness; I practice Chair yoga and have a certification in it! In my vlog 'Fitness with Julie' I show you how we can workout even with disabilities, it's all about adaptation, determination and PERSISTENCE!!! Please feel free to contact me;


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