Facebook post lands woman with Down Syndrome a job


This article focuses on how much more difficult it is to find employment when you live with a disability. It emphasizes how frustrating it is for an individual with a disability because they want to work but they cannot find meaningful employment.

The article also previews a documentary being produced about the difficulties of individuals living with a disability finding employment. The documentary is called “Talent Untapped”. It is about this invisible, untapped talent pool.

‘Look beyond white cane,’ ‘look beyond Down Syndrome or the developmental disability and look beyond the wheelchair because there is so much talent untapped.’ ‘I don’t want to just sit there, I’ll get bored at my house,’
‘You just seem to go in a loop,’ ‘a loop of nothing (looking for employment.)’

Read more at CTV News Ottawa.

Alexis Pastuch
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I enjoy spending time with friends and family. I am proud to be a part of this team that talks about issues regarding disability because I think it needs to be heard.


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