Equal Grounds Training Pilot

Equal Grounds Training Pilot

On Saturday July 6th 2013 I attended the Equal Grounds Training Pilot. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this workshop. However, I was pleasantly surprised by many of the discussions around access and employment barriers that many with unique abilities face in the workforce. I felt many of my longstanding criticisms about limited options through ODSP and tokenism were welcomed and considered in the idea that things need to change in a big way and that Equal Grounds might be the place to start!

The day also included a series of engaging social exercises conducted by Olena Cherkasova. One exercise required partners to resolve a conflict by only using your partner’s name to communicate your argument. I found it showed how we use more than words to get ideas across. Overall, the experience really helped us open up as a group.

Finally we demo’ed a piece of technology called the Eye Writer that was developed to assist a graffiti artist with ALS draw by tracking eye movements and projecting designs on buildings. I was impressed with it’s use of inexpensive cameras and open-source software making it accessible to all not like devices coming from “medical” developers costing hundreds of dollars.

I thoroughly enjoyed this pilot and the group of people who participated. I feel with all of the talents brought to the table Equal Grounds has the to potential to fill a much needed void and level the playing field. the next pilot takes place on August 10th & 11th. I highly recommend you check it out!

Neil Mercer
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Neil Mercer is a Graphic Designer who works on a freelance basis, some notable projects have been for Tobias House Attendant Care inc., AYAAA a Youth Aids organization in Africa and Spectra Talent Showcase. Alongside his artistic talents Neil keeps active as a Board member of both Tobias House Attendant Care Inc. and Spectra Talent Showcase. He is also a successful event organizer with projects such as DreamsAway, Tobias House Attendant Care Inc. and the Sean Ross Memorial Summer Classic, now in its fourth year. In what spare time he has, Neil is an Goaltender in the Toronto Power Wheelchair Hockey League, an occasional public speaker as well a founding member of Equal Grounds. His interests are Music, Art,  Film, Food, and Travel.


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