Fashion Friday

Fashion Friday Tip #2


It’s hard to find jeans with no zipper, which for some of us is crucial for our situation, like me, my hands get tremors so […]

Accessible Fashion Models

Diversity Finds Fashion


Canadian Model, Winnie Harlow shows her DIVERSITY at New York Fashion Week! “You have to focus on the opinions of yourself rather than on the […]

chair yoga - shoulder stretch

Chair Yoga: Shoulder Stretch


Shoulder stretch With back off chair and sitting upright inhale bring palms together (prayer position) exhale link fingers together bring elbows up, inhale let go […]

Julie's Cruise View

Cruise for 1


I took a cruise on the Norwegian Getaway in December for my 30th birthday, I went alone and managed just fine. I have non-genetic ‘Ataxia’, […]

Chair Yoga: Forward Bend


For this chair yoga pose, wheelchair users move foot rests out of way for this one. 1. Start with legs at 90degrees, back off chair. […]

chair yoga

Chair Yoga: Lotus Pose


A simple chair yoga pose┬áthis week! 1. Sit with your back off chair, legs at 90 degrees 2. Lift left foot onto right knee, place […]