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Fashion Friday tip #13

May 8, 2015 Julie Z 0

Not all but most people with disabilities have to watch how they spend, there are some companies out there doing their best to make affordable […]

Friday Friday

Fashion Friday tip #11

April 24, 2015 Julie Z 0

Be it a belt, bracelets, a necklace or cool wheelchair gloves, accessories are noticed- I am not a big ‘dresser-upper? but I do love my […]

Fashion Friday

Fashion Friday tip #10

April 17, 2015 Julie Z 0

Stumbled across Disability Positive Consultant- Tim Rose’s blog. He went to school in Ottawa, ON- he is an advocate in many areas, one being ‘fashion’- […]

Fashion Friday

Fashion Friday: Happy

March 27, 2015 Julie Z 0

We all have days where we don’t care about our look, but those days when you CARE, bust out whatever makes you happy in fashion, […]