Ontario Home Renovation Funding Available to Seniors and People with Disabilities

MED+ Bathroom

The Ontario government has committed several million in 2017 to fund renovations and reduce the affordable housing strain. This is part of a strategy to offset unbearable costs that long term care, emergency visits and hospitalisation has.

Living at home with a disability at any age has proven to be a far less expensive and more comfortable option for people across the globe when compared to all other options. In Canada, the concept is referred to as Aging-at-home (click to download the provincial strategy)

If you or someone you care for is a senior, or is a person living at home with a disability in the MED+ service areas, and is at risk of injuries related to falls, then the below links will provide you with all the information you may need. This information will help you to determine if government funding grants are available to you or to someone you know and help pay for the expense of costly renovations and equipment that is needed to achieve accessibility, safety and comfort at home.

If you don’t live in our service area, don’t worry – simply email me with your city, or state with Home Modifications in the subject line, and I will reply with a direction down the right path to an accessibility specialist in your area.



If you live outside of the MED+ service area, require assistance with a funding application, need financing options or pricing for home safety, accessibility or mobility needs, contact MED+ Home Health Care – Accessibility Division, they have a team that works hard to help clients get the products and services that they need, at a price that is affordable.

You can view photographs of some MED+ Accessibility projects and product inspiration images by clicking these links below:


Ronny Wiskin is the founder of ReliAble Independent Living Services, is the current Accessibility Solutions Manager at MED+ Home Health Care and is a certified environmental access consultant. Ronny can be reached locally at 416-477-5960 ext. 409 or by email at rwiskin@medplushealth.ca



  1. Father in law is now in our care in our home and we will be needing certain renovations for him done. We cannot afford the expenses and are wondering if there is help available for his accommodations.

    • Hi, Lynne, do take a look at the funding programs offered by March of Dimes, and depending on which city you live in there are programs as well listed in this article.

    • Hi Patricia,

      Unfortunately Durham region does not provide funding through the Ontario Renovates Program. Take a look at the March of Dimes link in this article to check your eligibility.

    • Hi Anne, as Ronny mentioned above:

      “Unfortunately Durham region does not provide funding through the Ontario Renovates Program. Take a look at the March of Dimes link in this article to check your eligibility.”

      Hope that helps.

  2. Hi
    My brother-in-law just suffered a spinal stroke. I live in pei but thought I could help my sister with research as to what is available. He is currently at Lyndhurst but the goal is to get him home. What is available in terms of subsidies. As of today he is quad.
    Thanks dawna

    • Hi Dawna, your sister and family must be going through a lot at this time. Here are some sources for your family to look into:

      Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) will provide income and other health, dental and other benefits: http://www.mcss.gov.on.ca/en/mcss/programs/social/odsp/

      Ontario Assistive Device Program will fund many technology or tools to enhance a person daily life: https://www.ontario.ca/page/assistive-devices-program

      Central LHIN (Local Health Integrated Network) will provide many home care and other health-related services such as personal support workers, respite care support, pain management nurse, dietician, etc: http://www.centrallhin.on.ca/

      Those are all government funded programs and organizations. Is your sister and brother-in-law’s home accessible or will it need to be renovated? If it does require a retrofit, contact Ronny in this article for support.

      If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to reach out to me, you can contact me through my profile.

  3. Hello I’m am looking to build a small addition on for my son who has autism and I was wondering if ther was any help/funding available to help build his own space-sensory room. Thank you

    • Hi Mandy, what a great idea! I’m waiting to hear back from a few sources and will let you know if there’s any funding available. Have you connected with organisations such as Autism Ontario to see if they have access to funding?

  4. Need help ASAP .. I have a brain tumour. It is now hard getting upstairs to bed and shower .. need stair lift ASAP .. are there any grants or funds to help with cost ?

  5. Hi I am looking for info on renovating my mother’s home she recently lost a leg and we have no idea where to turn for help financially

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